MTN Browsing Solution That Works

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about how you can easily get Airtel free browsing by just using a simple VPN that will tunnel every of your application on your phone like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and so many others.

For you to use the screen browsing cheats on your phone do you need to configure the VPN app that you are going to use note that some VPN apps are pre-configured and just allow you to install them on your phone and click on the connect button then you will start using it.

But that kind of VPN app is not really effective because sometimes due to the configuration being pre-installed they do not give you everything you wanted unless you have configured everything yourself now in this free browsing cheat tutorial I’m going to give you put the pre-configured and the one you can configure manually so that when you are face issue with the one you can just move over to the other.

Now the reason why VPN and free browsing cheat doesn’t work is that the phones will use matters a lot now for your free browsing cheat to work very effectively in today’s world you will need at least a 4G or 3G phone but if you have a 4G it will be the best because our network providers have improved their network meaning that the old 3G network may not really sure we will it may not be fast enough to really give you what you ever wanted so you should want to enjoy this simply migrate to a 4G phone.

You can get a 4G phone as low as $100 we’ve made a lengthy post about those phones you can get below $100 that are 4G and has a good memory in build and ram that will serve you even in your gaming life.

The link to the Post is below go through it and choose the best phone that suits you by the phone and start enjoying your life.

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if you want to enjoy this free browsing, first of all, get a 4G SIM card after getting the 4G SIM card set your configurations and mean your APN to the right APN of your network provider after that make sure your phone is charged to at least 20%.

If your SIM card is not 4G go to your network providers office near you and then ask them to migrate you to 4G I think the migration is totally free you don’t have to pay anything for the migration after migrating it get back here and follow the steps below to get everything done and set

How to Configure Your Phone

  • Open your phone settings
  • Go to network
  • Choose APN
  • Set it to
  • Set username and password: web
  • Tap on save

How To Sett The Free Browsing

  • Click here to install this VPN
  • Install it on your phone
  • Now go to the settings and put it on auto
  • Now on tweak choose MTN
  • On the Server choose MTN
  • Now tap on connect
  • That’s all


you should know that sometimes when you follow all these steps will be facing issues but I want you to feel free to comment below on any issue you are facing while configuring the VPN or while setting it up.

Now let’s say after setting it up you couldn’t access the internet for free I would want you to make sure and check that you were exhausted all your data plans you must not have any active data plan on your MTN line for you to be able to enjoy this free browsing cheat go clear your data plan and make sure everything reads 00 then come back again and try it if it doesn’t work then let us know I hope you enjoy this.

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