List Of Business To Start With 10k

While looking for a business to start with 10k, you might have been involved in some businesses that never gave any return due to lack of adequate funding and may have believed that it is not possible to start a business with cash as little as 10k, but we will give you the list of business we know that that be start up with 10k.

List Of Business To Start With 10k

  • Copy Writing
  • Fruit Juice Making
  • Organic Farming
  • Blogging
  • Middle man
  • YouTube Vlogging
  • Local Touch Production
  • Shoe Making
  • Metal Scrapping
  • Shoe Shining

I was able to read the book the $100 startup and there the author gave some tips on starting a profitable business that will really give you income but the income will be minimal till an adequate amount is involved.

Though is very profitable to learn a skill whenever you have are chance, there are some skills you may want to learn that will earn you income for a very long time, you may want to invest the 10k into a company that will pay you interest as your share grows in the industry.

No matter the ideas you have come up with, it is very important to start your own business where you have the freedom to grow more, spend time with your family and also have time for yourself.

1. Copy Writing

Copywriting is the act of producing content for online media platforms like blogs and social media groups, you should be able to produce content that will actually rank on the internet and bring traffic to that very website.

There are a lot of ways to write content but the best of it is following google Serp content strategies, by doing that you are providing a quality content that Google will consider the best and by so doing put it up at the top of google search engine so people searching on the particular topic can easily get the solution they are looking for.

Copywriting business is among that business you can start with 10k, though you may be required to spend more than 10k while starting if you know your way toward copywriting or have experience about copywriting coupled with other internet skills, it will be easy for you to accomplish.

How to start copy Writing Business

Starting a copywriting business is a very straightforward and plain one but you need to understand the concept of writing and word positioning, it is not enough to know and understand the English language but how to use I to make a sensible sentence, you may need to seek the help of professionals in the field to enable you to understand the basic steps of a successful copywriter.

Though right now there are paid tools that will greatly help you accomplish your dreams as a copywriter, tools like;

  • Grammarly
  • Word AI
  • Writsonic

Can help you in your copywriting area and even help you provide content your client will love so much due to the fact that Grammarly helps in pointing out wrong English and can detect plagiarism with the option of correcting it with a few clicks. To start your copywriting area as part of your business to start with 10k, you need the following below;

  • A laptop or Good Mobile phone
  • Internet connection, maybe wifi or modem
  • Electricity to power your devices
  • Training on copywriting
  • Understanding English language
  • A platform where you will win clients

A laptop or Good Mobile phone:

A laptop or phone is the device you use in writing for your clients, you may really need a laptop due to some people are not used to writing on a phone.

A platform where you will win clients:

The platform is where you get your clients from, you can use platforms like Upwork, Fiverr or any other freelancing website. You can also make use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit

2. Fruit Juice Making

You can start a fruit juice making business with just 10k, starting this kind of business requires dedication and hard work, you may need to contact people that need your products so that your fruit juice won’t get spoiled in your hands.

You will be needing some equipment in making your fruit juice, this equipment is not expensive as with 2k ($10) you will be buy one or two depending on your needs.

How to make fruit juice

If you want to make fruit juice, you will need to buy those fruit juice maker from here and start making your juice.

How to make chinola juice

To make your chinola juice you need to follow the steps here

  1. Get your chinola fruit and wash it very well
  2. Then the next thing is to cut your chinola fruit into two
  3. Put it in your fruit making machine
  4. If it’s mechanical, turn the machine on and let it do its job
  5. If it’s manual, then press and squeeze it together so that the juice will be extracted
  6. After that turn it into a clean container and put it inside the fridge for preservation
  7. After doing that you can add preservation that will let the chinola fruit last for a long time
  8. Label your fruit juice and start selling.

3. Organic Farming

Organic farming is a European Union kind of farming that is commonly known as ecological and it is the farming you make use of fertilizer and other artificial materials such as electricity and artificial bulb that act as the sun to grow agricultural products.

If you have farmland or have a little space, you can start organic farming, buy fertilizers that will be adequate for how big you want your to farm to be then you can start doing the organic farming business. Some make use of containers and purely grow their food with the help of artificial light, manure and other things.

You can choose the way you wish to grow your crops in order to produce healthy farm products, you may want to watch this video below in order to best understand what organic farming is all about and how to start your own organic farming.

4. Blogging

Bloggin is very lucrative if you really know your way around it, there are lots of benefits of being a blogger, you can make money from AdSense or Ezoic, and you can include affiliate marketing in your blogging or you can sell your personal products.

Blog Ideas For Beginners

If you want to venture into blogging and you are looking for blog ideas for beginners, pay very close attention to this section of this article. There lost lots of blog ideas for beginners which you can start with due to the fact that the blogging industry is saturated, many people have entered into the blogging game making it difficult to really make money out of blogging.

But there are some blog ideas for beginners I will be given out here that will greatly benefit you in the long run, follow the list below and make your choice.

  1. Get a domain and hosting account ( You can use free hosting on
  2. Set up your blog with a free template
  3. Setup your blog and chose a niche that not too many people are into
  4. There are niches that required competition while some require less, you can do well in those niches that requires little competition
  5. Write a good article and structure your blog very well
  6. Make a good research on growing blogs
  7. Use original pictures or you can use paid ones if you have the money otherwise edit your pictures with photoshop
  8. Do keyword research with the help of the google keyword planner tool
  9. Link up with either blogger
  10. Create a very good backlink profile.

5. Middle man

You can stand as a middle man in an online deal, you can stand as an escrow o make sure online business deal goes well without any form of scam or deal going wrong.

To do this you need a website or a platform where you can meet with potential buyers and sellers then stand chat them up with your real ID, get them to trust you then start your deal with them.

6. YouTube Vlogging

Start a YouTube channel by creating a YouTube account then choose a niche that you will specialize in, it is easier to get subscribers and grow your channel.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Gmail account
  3. If you do not have a Gmail account, go to and create an account
  4. Chose a YouTube name
  5. Choose a niche
  6. Get a microphone
  7. Then start making your video
  8. Start posting your videos

7. Local Touch Production

As Chinese touches are effective so are locally made touches are, you start making local touches and selling to people. This video below will teach you how to make locally made touch lights.

8. Shoe Making

Making shoes is not a very big deal as you can get some simple samples online and start from there, there are lots of styles one can use to make shoes for males and females.

You can start by learning online, get some simple material, get a gum, middle then start making your shoes that you can sell to people at a cheap price.

9. Metal Scrapping

Metal scrapping is the form of smelting metal or selling metals to those that smelt it, this kind of business can be very tough because getting very good metals can be challenging.

You can start buying metals and selling them to high buyers that use them in manufacturing things, there are lots of companies and individuals that will love to buy your metals.

10. Shoe Shining

Thos job may appear as a local job that is not made for your class, thou it may be true but here are ways you can make it look and appear big, you can get your clients number then go to their houses providing them with this services and let them pay you after the services.


You must not venture to all the businesses mentioned above, you can choose one or two businesses you can start the procedure in building it.

It may take time before it matures so you need to be patient and keep working on it. The most important part os that you need to believe that you can make something out of that business in order for you do that.


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