10 Small Business Ideas To Start From Home

If you are a stay a home mom or dad and currently looking for a small business to start then here are some perfect small business ideas to start from home with just your laptop and smartphones as the case may be.

I have been working since I was a student at the university, this has given me the pleasure of doing anything I like whenever I like it and being able to take care f things that I needed whenever I need them.

It has allowed me to study for my classes, have enough time to do my assignments and prepare for my exams when am seating for one, the same process I followed all this while is the same thing am going to teach you to do on this very article, you are going to learn so much on how to start making money from home.

If you have chosen to start making money from home as many stays at home parents do, consider choosing one of the following ideas below.

  1. Electronic repair services
  2. Kids daycare services
  3. Handmade Products
  4. Buying and selling of home use products
  5. Homemade soup and detergents
  6. Social media influencer
  7. Adviser in business
  8. E-commerce website business
  9. Teach students online
  10. Start a YouTube and TikTok channel

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1. Electronic repair services

There are some people who are good at being handymen, these people are good at fixing small electronic equipment, means that are been used often in the home, if you are among this kind of people, you can start fixing things for those that may need your skills.

If you are not good at fixing things but really want to learn how to start, there are lots of YouTube videos that will teach you the faults and possible fixing for any home appliances.

Search for that kind of video on YouTube so you can learn how to start fixing any problem that small home appliances may have.

You may charge according to the services you have provided to people or the kind of home appliances you have fixed, you will definitely charge higher when you fix someone’s DVD player than when you just help fix someone’s remote control.

You may need tools like;

  • Screwdriver
  • tester
  • plyer
  • Magnets

You can buy these tools anywhere in the market and it is not expensive as you can get them as cheap as $4 in the market.

There are varieties of these tools sold in the market, when you go to buy any, make sure to ask questions in order to buy the ones that will really serve the purpose you want to use it for.

2. Kid’s daycare services

Parents are now very busy due to the society and the kind of lifestyle we live in this day, to live and survive in this era, one needs to be up and doing at all times which has made parents too busy to even take care of their kids.

There are many parents that work from 6 AM to 8 PM every day thus having little or no time for the kids, you can step in and start taking care of these kids as a daycare owner where you will provide the care to the child’s needs till the parents come back.

Daycare is not really easy to run since taking care of kids can be very tasking. You should charge very high for the services because for sure, parents are willing to pay any price for the safety and care of their kids.

You should buy TV and kids movies as well as songs to keep them entertained while their parents are out, you can also buy kid books where they will further learn adding to the ones they are been taught in the school where they attend.

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3. Handmade Products

If you enjoy creating things, why not start makings things people need in their homes. There are lots of homemade products you start making right away with just the tools you have in your kitchen.

If you do not know how to make any, you can search on YouTube on how to make them, there you will be taught everything you need to need to make any homemade products of your choice. You can start making the following;

  • Candle
  • Jewellery
  • Kids shoe
  • Kids clothes
  • Crafted furniture
  • Homemade food

Making these things are not easy but not so difficult to make, there are lots of videos out there on YouTube that will teach you how to get started making these things.

4. Buying and selling of home-use products

Homes need things like bathing soaps, body lotion and towels at every point in time, you can start selling these things to your neighbours and those around you.

You can buy them cheaper from whole sellers then resell them at a higher price, many people are doing this already but you can start yours in a different way.

Seek out those things people are not yet selling them start selling them to people around you in order to avoid competition and t grow faster in that business, when you are known by people for selling that particular goods and services, it becomes easier.

5. Homemade soup and detergents

If you know how to make soups and detergents like detol and bleach, you can start selling them to people as they will definitely need them for their use.

When I was little. my mom will make bleach for washing so we do not need to buy any, many of our neighbours will come requesting to buy some and will always return to buy more because it was very effective.

It turned into a good business for my mom because she was selling cheaper than it was sold in the market, the bleach was very effective just as the one been sold in the market and she was good at making it.

As time goes on people from outside started buying, and she started packaging it very to look very clean and professional.

you can start making this kind of product and sell to people, as far as it is effective and give them what they want, they will buy it from you and in turn, you make a good amount of money.

6. Social media influencer

Influencers are now making it huge from their YouTube channel and TikTok page, if you are good at giving advice to people, why not start making money off it.

How to start as an influencer

You will need a nice not focus, build an audience on that niche, and have a Facebook page, TikTok page and YouTube for you to be able to gather your audience in one place. You can follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Chose a niche you are fluent on
  2. Create a Facebook page, Tiktok page and YouTube channel
  3. Create an audience in that niche
  4. Connect with your audience

Making it on the influencer market needs you to be up and doing, you need to be creating content as often as possible in order for you to grow and get noticed by people.

7. Adviser in business

If you have knowledge about some business, start offering advice to people on the internet, they are so many people in need of business to start, and you can help those people with the advice the need to succeed and the kind of business that will work for them.

This is similar to influencers as they basically do the same thing, but this time it’s more professional as you are dealing with business persons.

You can buy business books, and read them to get more ideas on how to advise people on the kind of business they should start.

8. E-commerce website business

E-commerce websites can come in handy for you, you can basically set it up with just $30 in your account, you do not need to buy any product as far as you can source your products from another top e-commerce site.

You can promote affiliate links through your e-commerce site by pasting the links to the product and including pictures of the products.

If you want to run it in a big way, you can be purchasing the product, own a youtube channel and start sharing your review on the products with a link to your e-commerce store so people can easily purchase them from there.

How to create an e-commerce site

  1. Get a hosting account
  2. Get a domain
  3. Install WordPress on it
  4. Install already made free e-commerce theme on your site
  5. If you are skilled you can build yours with elementor

9. Teach students online

Parents want their kids to learn at every point in time, start teaching these kids via WhatsApp video call or Zoom classes on the chosen subjects.

You can use your phone to achieve this as you only need to lecture the kids on that specific subject. You can choose to use a laptop if you have one.

You can also teach adults that need your services, you will need to prepare lesson notes on the subjects you are teaching then try as much as possible to lecture them to their understanding.

10. Start a YouTube and TikTok channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a very nice thing to do as you need only your phone to achieve that in this era of short videos, you can record random events at your home in order to upload on your channel.

You can record yourself doing all these things mentioned above and upload it to your channel, you only need to understand how to record and upload content and make it accessible to people.

As far as your phone has a good camera and can record sound, you are good to go, you can watch the video below in order for your to start creating your YouTube channel.



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