10 Business Ideas For Men

There are businesses that well suit men than they do women, there is some business that men would easily and joyfully do more than women and that’s why we have come up with the 10 best business ideas for men and how they can start doing it with joy in their heart.

In this business ideas for men we will be putting up steps by steps guide and procedures that will allow you have time for yourself while enjoying your business and earning money from it, there are lots of ways men can earn money but most of them are not safe therefore we are not going to include any hazardous business here. Below is the list of best business ideas for men.

  • 3d Printing
  • Sneaker Cleaner
  • Social media manager
  • Electrician
  • Car Wash
  • Car Maintenance
  • Solar Energy Consutant
  • Material Fabrication
  • Web developer
  • App developer

The list above contains the best business ideas we know that will serve men very well in the venture, though it will also serve women as it does to men it’s best when men are in that kind of position considering many things like handling tough tasks and adding creativity in whatever they do as we know that men are good in creativity.

1. 3D Printing

Doing 3D printing is not really an easy task at first but becomes easier when you have mastered all the techniques of 3D printing, To be a professional 3D printer you need to know how to input the right sequence into the 3D machine including how to set and organize the printing machine.

There are many modernised machines that are out today, this machine can handle the most difficult task out there and that is why it has made it on our list of best business ideas for men and the machine can print any design so far it has the dimension that is built into the machine, to learn 3D printing is pretty easy. There are lots of YouTube channel that teaches people how to use 3D printing to produce any kind of design you ever wanted to use.

How to start a 3d printing business

To start a 3D printing business, there are things you need to get before you proceed and that includes a machine and a place to place your machine while working. You may need a separate place due to the fact that some 3D machines can be noisy and may not be good to place in your living room where you share with your family or friends.

  1. Buy a 3D machine and start learning how to operate the 3D machine from the above video we have made available.
  2. Provide a very good environment to place your machine so you can easily work on your projects and clients’ work when needed.
  3. Provide a steady electricity for steady business, you can read this solar installation guide here
  4. Advertise your business using Facebook, Instagram and other social media

2. Sneaker Cleaner

You can start cleaning sneakers for people around your neighbourhood as many people seem to wear them too much these days and sneakers are very tricky to clean. The part of business ideas for men that we have found to be very lucrative is the cleaning of sneakers, there are many substances needed to get sneakers cleaned, these substances include

  • Detergents
  • Vinegar
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Towel

When you get all these things listed above and have made your own practice, you can start going from door to door asking people if they need your services, trust me many of them will and from there you can start your own business and earn your money as a man.

3. Social media manager

Managing social media for companies is another business idea for men which will surely fetch money into your pocket. I have managed some social media accounts myself and get paid, the payment may vary according to the kind of services you are providing for the people and how many hours a day you will be working.

The least I have charged is $100 because of my skills in social media management, as a man, you can start using social media as a way of making your money, start managing accounts for people and get paid by them. You can manage social media accounts like;

  • Facebook pages
  • Instagram accounts
  • LinkedIn accounts
  • WhatsApp customer care service
  • Skype account
  • Zoom account

4. Electrician

If you are good at fixing technical problems that deal with electricity, you can become an electrician and earn money as part of the business ideas for men.

But before you start I will advise you to first go gain the knowledge as electricity can be very dangerous and can kill one if a mistake is made. You can meet with companies or registered individuals that do train people and get your knowledge from there, after registering your business in order to be allowed to work anywhere.

You can choose to work as a self-employed person or work for a company that may be needing to work 5 days a week and at the end of the month pay you off.

5. Car Wash

Par of the best business ideas for men is a car wash whose earnings are high compared to some other businesses you can start. As a man, you can start your car wash business and earn a living from there if you want to do it in a large way you can open the business and employ workers that will assist you in washing people’s cars.

You do not need to worry about getting jobs as people’s cars are always dirty and will require cleaning all the time, as far as you are good at cleaning cars and can train your staff very well on how to wash cars, you are so good to go.

6. Solar Energy Consutant

Many people are tired of paying for electricity, so what do they do? The switch to renewable energy sources which is the use of solar energy, you can start fixing solar in people’s homes and teaching them how to maintain their solar energy in order for it to last for them.

You can start creating awareness of how solar energy works and how it can be beneficial to them in order to allow them to have a steady supply of energy and avoid paying bills for electricity.

You can read this article about solar energy consultants HERE and learn how t get started and how to build your business in that expect.

7. Material Fabrication

Start material fabrication business which is producing materials that will be USD in making cloth and all kinds of wears. This business is in high demand in Africa as no company really does that kind of business there, you can start making your own business out of material fabrication, employ workers to your capacity and earn your money.

How to start a material fabrication business

There are things needed to start that business in order to be successful on them, also there are steps to follow when starting a material fabrication business.

  • Buy the machine
  • Fix the machine
  • Buy materials used to fabricate clothing materials
  • Learn how to use the machine
  • Have a steady power supply

When you get all things mentioned above ready, then you are good to go with the material fabrication business.

8. Web developer

Start building and developing a website and web pages for people that need it, it is not everyone that knows how to handle a website, you can start getting to know the basic things needed to develop a website, learn some programing language and start making money from providing the services. You can master the things below in order to be a successful web developer.

  • Master How to use WordPress
  • Master CSS program
  • Master JavaScript
  • Master PHP
  • And You should HTML

Programing languages can be a pain to learn which is why we have listed them as the best business ideas for men, it can e lucrative if you do it well.

9. App developer

As part of best business ideas for men, you can learn how to develop android and iOS applications using flutter and android studio, you can get a course on it from Udemy or contact us if you wish to learn how to.

You can also provide this services on Fiverr and Upwork, there are people in need of app developers that will work on their projects and in turned et paid.


This is our 10 lists of the 10 best business ideas. there are other businesses that will benefit you as a man, you can learn more about them by always coming to our web page because we have lots of things to teach you.

If you are starting any of this best business ideas for men above, we will advise you to make more enquiries or ask us questions using the comment section and we will be glad to answer all your questions.


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